root protection area surfacing

Root Protection areas need no longer be of major hindrance within planning approval for construction. We have in-depth
knowledge on no-dig root protection systems that are concordant with BS5837; 2012. The system works by spreading vertical
loads of traffic or construction materials, ensuring soil bulk density remains well within tolerable levels. This control measure
ensures no harm to the tree through compaction, soil dehydration or gaseous exchange.
The cellular confinement technology is extremely flexible and can as easily be used as a temporary road or a permanent
installation. We can ensure significant savings are made in materials through our in-depth understanding of the principals behind
the technology. We have a close liaison with the manufacturer to reduce the amount of material infill needed through clever design.
Utilising Cellular confinement systems enables us to work with the manufacturing designers to overcome many obstacles,
especially heavy construction vehicular traffic, permanent installation as a foundation for roads, carparks and footpaths and
negotiating significant level drops and inclines on the site.

Through our close relationship with the manufacturers design team, the control measures are all site specific,
enabling us to provide the best quality service, most adaptable and relevant solutions thus creating a saving in cost and
the most appropriate application of the confinement technology.

Advantages to the tree and site include:

  • We can offer a guarantee that the tree will not be effected from installation and permanent
    placement of the cellular confinement technology
  • A porous surface and permeable geotextiles allow the water to drain into
    the soil gradually, keeping roots hydrated and reducing surface run off and associated flooding
  • Gaseous exchange from the soil as pour space within the infill is kept large
  • A required control measure to hydrocarbon pollution used as part of the confinement system
  • Saving on material costs through intelligent design.